About Us


The Gym 24/7
was started in 2014
by The Brothers Cole, Nathan and Tim.

The Gym 24/7 is a Les Mills certified facility featuring Body Pump. The Gym offers spinning classes, as well as personal and group training.

The Gym 24/7 is partnered with CrossTrain Fitness which offers group and athlete training, specializing in Functional Training and Weightlifting.

The Gym  24/7 features the largest amount of weight training equipment in the area, including, a 19 piece nautilus nitro pin loaded circuit, 6 pieces of hammer strength plate loaded pieces including: iso lateral flat bench, decline bench, incline bench, pull-down, high row, and front military press. The Gym features dumbbells in the 5-120 lb range. The Gym has two squat racks with space for deadlifts, free weight flat bench, free weight incline bench, cable crossover, smith machine, assisted chin up /dip gravitron machine, 4 treadmills, 4 ellipticals, 3 recumbent bikes, and a stairclimber.